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Home Study Approved!

Utah Adoption Specialists have been awesome to work with and we can now say we are officially home study approved!
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Birthdays are a big deal at our house. There are celebrations, yummy cake, and lots of love. We recently celebrated this guys' birthday with family and then on his birthday went to an adoption training. It's always wonderful to celebrate your favorite people in the world.

5 Things to Know About the Knowles

5 Things to Know about the Knowles 1) Family is the most important priority, both our relationship with each other and our relationship with our extended family. We work hard to keep our relationship strong and stable. We love spending time with our extended family and loving on our sweet nieces.  2) Our faith in God is the guiding light in our lives. We are member of the LDS faith and love to learn and serve in our church. We enjoy attending the temple together to strengthen our connection to each other and God.  3) Adventures are a big part of our life. Whether close to home or far away we like to find new, fun experiences to have together. Our most recent adventure was exploring the beautiful Oregon and Washington coast.  4) We strive to be self-sufficient. This means we work hard at our jobs, grow a garden, have chickens, can food, and refurbish older furniture to look new. We are frugal but enjoy making our home a welcoming and beautiful place to be.  5) Our furry friends are a fun pa…


Name:  Sonny Career:​ Free loader  Favorite Food: Anything, it doesn't even have to be food Hobbies: Giving high fives to people, Weezer's face, and the chickens. I also like annoying my housemate Weezer and whining for no reason. Favorite vacation: Staying at home, I get very confused in the car.
About me: I love watching tv and barking at inanimate objects. I also love chasing chickens and having no idea what's going on. 
About our family: My family is okay. They are nice to me but they don't let me eat garbage and watch tv all day. Words to future baby Knowles:  I'm excited for new people to play with. I'm also excited for extra dropped food to eat.


Name:  Weezer Career:​ Official guard dog Favorite Food: Cereal and beef jerky Hobbies: Laying on every pillow in the house, sleeping, sun bathing, chicken watching, sleeping, and eating treats. Favorite vacation: Car rides to the dog park.
About me: I love laying around and doing nothing. I can be emotional if I don't get enough pets and treats. I tolerate my house mate Sonny.  About our family: My family is great. They have lots of pillows and treats. They even let me sleep on the bed from time to time. Words to future baby Knowles:  I will watch over you and protect you from anything that comes your way. I will love you and cuddle you....until you pull my hair. Then I'm outie.

Cousin Chevelle

Name: Cousin Chevelle
Career: Being a little sister
Favorite Food: Chips, chocolate milk, pineapple, French toast and treats
Hobbies: Being the boss, love watching Trolls and Beauty and the Beast, playing outside and playing with toys
Vacation: Being outside camping and playing in the water
About Me: I'm wild, happy, very entertaining and love life
About family: I have a mom, dad, a big sister and a dog. I love to chase 3 grandpas and 4 grandmas and lots of uncles and aunts and 3 cousins that play with a lot with me. 
Words to Baby: I can't wait to meet you and get to play and eat treats together! You will have the best family ever!

Cousin Destiny

Destiny: Cousin Destiny

Career: Go to school, I want to be an artist
Favorite Food: I love pizza and hamburgers and fries and pizza 
Hobbies: Art, ride bikes, swim, camping, school, playing the piano
Vacation: We camp a lot but my dream vacation is going to Disneyland
About Me: I'm a very shy person. I love learning new things and playing with my little sister and I love going to school. 
My Family: I have a little sister Chevelle and she keeps me really busy, and a dog named Chevy. I have 3 cousins that I play with all the time. I have four grandmas and three grandpas that spoil me lots! 
Words to Baby: I can't wait to meet and play with you! I'm so excited to see you for the first time!